Dog Park Day

The dogs visited the local dog park for the first time. 


 I loved rule #8 “…repeatedly rude owners will not be allowed in the park…”

They had a side for little dogs and a side for big dogs.  Summer went to the little dog side


She ran, and ran and ran.

Ooooh, look a stick!

But wait, where is Becca?

Becca, I want to be with you.

I’m not a small dog, I’m not, I’m not!

How could we keep them sperated.

It’s a dog party!

Have to take time out to take care of business.  Hey it’s a dog park, what do you expect?

Old Becca dog was up for the agility ramp.

She loved it!

Not to be out done, Baby Boy has to try it.

Summer isn’t quite as eager.

With a little coaching, pulling, pushing, she makes it up.

Forget it! I’m jumping off this thing.

Tuckered out pup takes a rest.

Okay, that’s rest enough and Summer’s off again.  Looks like Baby Boy is the tuckered out one now.

There were cute hydrants around the park.

Look closer at the plaque.  Now ain’t that the truth.

How cute is this statue?

Not sure who had the better time!


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