The Fourth

Most families gather at Christmas or Thanksgaiving or they spend a year planning a family reunion. Not us.  Somehow we all get the calling to go to Westport, Washington to Grandma and Grandpa HoHo’s place.  It’s our Mecca. 

This year all six of our kids made it, along with 3 grandchildren and 3 spouses/significant other.  Do you know how hard it is to get us together?  We came from Utah, Washington, Montana, Missouri and the farthest from Florida.

Know what else is great?  We all get along, at least for the few days we get together…

I’m lucky, I have a fabulous beautiful family!

Memories from Saturday:

Leah with my new granddaughter Taylor.

That’s the Baby boy in the purple sleeping bag being attacked.

A little Frisbee.

Family photos:



For dinner, Dungeness Crab.

Grandpa HoHo cleans the crab prior to cooking and shows us how to do it.

He prefers to remove the back and clean out the lungs and guts, etc. prior to boiling. 


Picking the leftovers for crab omelets Sunday Morning.

A game of Settler’s of Catan for evening entertainment.

My grandson Trenton helps with baking a cake for the cake walk.

Memories from Sunday:

An Old Fashioned 4th of July in Westport, Washington.

The Coast Guard Posted the colors.

Games and food.


The cake walk.  My lovely granddaughter Paige won a cake and promptly picked one that we made (she had no idea).


Flags and fun for my grandson Trenton.


Flags and fun equal a tuckered out toddler.

I’ll leave you with this photo taken on the 14 hour ride home.  We were just past Ovando, MT and McGyver loved the how the sky looked so he stopped and let me indulge my budding photo interest.

Visit Leftovers for Lunch for more pictures.

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