Ready, Set, Blog….Here I am

This is it! Your very first entry and we’re giving you a chance to tell the world: what defines you as a food blogger and why should you be the next food blog star?

So this is it!  My very first entry, a chance to tell the world: what defines me as a food blogger and why I should be the next food blog star?   

Confused?  I belong to a food blogger community called Food Buzz and currently they are having a contest called Project Food Blog.  I wasn’t really sure that I would bother to compete, but I went ahead and registered ‘just in case’.  I got the emails and I followed the links, I filled out my profile, uploaded my pictures and somehow I have found myself here, competing.  I usually don’t enter contests, because the truth is, I hate to lose.  No, it’s true.  It’s also why I don’t play sports (okay, I don’t play sports because I’m to out of shape and any sport would probably kill me).  Still, you would think by the time I got to this age that I would put “my big girl panties on” (my bosses favorite saying) and get over it.  I do hate to lose, but the truth is that you can never win if you don’t enter.  

After I got myself psyched up, I read the first entry criteria and thought, “No way!  How can I define myself as a food blogger when I’m almost 45 years old and I still struggle to define myself?”   

This is what I do know (about myself and food blogging)…. 


1. I love to ride my Harley,  

Mmmmm, avocados.

 2. I love my food, and  

Ring Bling....Love it!

  3. I love all things girly!  

I think what defines me as a food blogger, truthfully is that I don’tdefine myself.  I blog about food that I love and enjoy.  I blog about whatever I am into at that time, that moment.  It’s that time and that moment that defines me.  Wow, that sounds deep and philsophical, when did I get so complex?  

There aren’t any limitations to the food/recipes I choose to post about, but I do have a style.  I like to post photos, step by step, of how to prepare a dish.  I enjoy each step of the process and I know that what comes naturally to some, doesn’t come as easy to others.  I hope that seeing each step will help make the whole experience easier and more enjoyable.  Hmmmm, can I add a #4?   

My friend LuLu at our photography class.

 4. I really enjoy taking pictures. Every step of the way.  


Oh yeah, one more thing…  


 5. I love food! I know I already said that, but if you love something that much…you should be able to mention it twice!  

There is only 1,800 contestants, so there is absolutely no reason why I shouldn’t be the next food blog star.  Did I just say only 1,800..what am I nuts? 

As you all know, I got star power!  So Bring it on! 

The Kitchen Witch

 Just a side note here, I’d like to make a shout out to my friend Lulu.  She’s quite sick…and not just in the head like she usually is.  In addition to being out of service, my poor Lulu is also single parenting this week.  I decided to help her out with a get well basket.  Complete with a fuzzy blanket, magazines for Lulu and her daughter, a couple of sweet treats, my Creamy Chicken Noodle soup (from one of my first recipe posts), biscuits wrapped in a kitchen towel (to match her rooster motif) and beautiful flowers from Lana’s Garden (FYI, Lana is my logo artist, see picture above). 

I think I was channeling Martha Stewart…. 

Maybe just a little?  Maybe not enough? 


Get better soon Lulu, we miss you! 


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2 Responses to Ready, Set, Blog….Here I am

  1. Kitchen Butterfly September 18, 2010 at 9:52 pm #

    Comfort. I smiled. Sentiments I relate with – if you didn’t enter the contest, 1800…you wouldn’t stand a single chance of winning and now you’re in, you have a 1/1800 chance. The odds are not against you, you’ll find focus, clarity and articulation with each challenge and at the end, you’ll find a DEEP sense of personal accomplishment that NO ONE on earth can give you, but you yourself. Well done Rhonda, I’m proud of you. If you know how many saw the calls to join the contest and didn’t, you’d be PROUD of what you accomplished. Well done again and I hope Lulu\s better, good on you for easing her pains away.

  2. tina and joan September 21, 2010 at 3:38 am #

    just want you all to know that this is the best blog i have ever read, great pictures, great recipes, great visuals, great conversations that make you feel you are right there. what more would one want! good luck on the contest as you deserve to be the winner in our eyes!