Motorcycle Monday: Hunting with a Harley


A picture of a picture…  This picture is posted at our local dealership, Big Sky Harley Davidson.  McGyver loves this picture, it cracks him up.  I want to know how long the deer was it rigamortis or is it frozen?

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One Response to Motorcycle Monday: Hunting with a Harley

  1. Mcgyver March 7, 2011 at 8:29 pm #

    If anyone is interested, the bike appears to be a mid 30s to late 40s VDS, UA, UL, or ULH – My educated guess is a wartime UL (80 CI) based on the metal legshield and canvas fairing and front fender. 45s didn’t have the fairing or legshields much, tho they can be made to fit. OTH, the boat looks early thirties, so it could be a civilian VDS (74 CI), which was shipped with sidecar gears… On the gripping hand, the buck appears to be dead. ;^) and the riders face says, early morning recovery after a late afternoon shot that couldn’t be located in the dark. Frozen, not rigor mortis due the the snow on the ground. The buck collapsed on his right side, too (go ahead ask me how I know) Mcgyver, out