Motorcycle Monday: Motorcycle Mama

If you are as old as me, you will remember these famous actresses and their motorcycle scenes (watch the video below).  One of the actresses is Pinky Tuscadero.  I can remember thinking that Pinky Tuscadero was so cool, I wanted t o be just like her without all the pinky parts.  Maybe it was the red hair that made her look so cool.

I could be Red-y Rhonda, Amber-y Ault (my maiden name), but somehow those names just don’t seem to work, I guess I’ll just stick with  being Giggles on a blue bike.

The music is by Sailcat, a one hit wonder band, who’s main claim to fame is their Motorcycle Mama song.  The entire album is a motorcycle themed album telling a story of a somewhat vagrant biker who meets “the right woman” and settles down…kind of.  The album art is super cool.  McGyver and I have an original album, framed, hanging in the garage, of course.


Motorcycle Mama

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