To Have and To Hold

This last weekend we went to the cabin, duh, kind of the thing we do nearly every weekend in the non-snow months.  Only this weekend we had someplace special to go to.  We were invited to a wedding in Helena.  Our friend Hooters was getting married and we couldn’t have been happier for her.

We met Hooter’s when we lived in Germany, we hung out with the same biker people, it kind of works that way.  Well, I moved, and she moved, then McGyver moved (to be with me).  And we lost touch, and then we got back in touch, and we live in the same state now.  How’s that?

So McGyver and I packed up all the food I made and headed down the mountain for the Wedding.  Only we didn’t make it.

A cattle guard got the best of our tire.

Flat Tire

But we made it just in time for the reception!  What timing, you think it would have been planned…

I loved the reception, this wasn’t Hooter’s first time at the rodeo, what she did, was just right.  Simple but big on family, friends and food.  I love seeing couples in love, McGyver likes seeing me feeling all romantic…

I took over 300 photos in manual thank you very much!  Photography does not come natural to me, I don’t have “the eye” and some of it is so technical.  I was trying so hard to figure out shutter and aperture adjustments that I never looked at my ISO setting, oops.  There’s also another lesson to learn…

The Love.

Brittany's and Curt's Reception_091711_0005

Brittany's and Curt's Reception_091711_0058

The food.

Brittany's and Curt's Reception_091711_0016

Brittany's and Curt's Reception_091711_0010

Brittany's and Curt's Reception_091711_0142

The theme.

Brittany's and Curt's Reception_091711_0065

The romance.

Brittany's and Curt's Reception_091711_0030

The toast.

Brittany's and Curt's Reception_091711_0045

The twins.

Brittany's and Curt's Reception_091711_0084

The cake.

Brittany's and Curt's Reception_091711_0049

The kiss.

Brittany's and Curt's Reception_091711_0115

The fun.

Brittany's and Curt's Reception_091711_0123

and they danced…

Brittany's and Curt's Reception_091711_0180

Brittany's and Curt's Reception_091711_0197

Brittany's and Curt's Reception_091711_0214

The cuteness.

Brittany's and Curt's Reception_091711_0230

Brittany's and Curt's Reception_091711_0263

Brittany's and Curt's Reception_091711_0012

The bouquet toss.

Brittany's and Curt's Reception_091711_0053

Brittany's and Curt's Reception_091711_0282

The garter getter.

Brittany's and Curt's Reception_091711_0290

Curt and Brittany

Love, Live, Laugh

To have and to hold.

McGyver and decided to take a different route home, seemed like a good idea to avoid that cattle guard! We found this old place, a small fixer upper for sale, if you’re interested.

Return Trip_091711_0017

Would you believe, the next day on the way home we got another flat?  Same front left side.  The view is almost worth it…ooh la la.

Return Trip_091811_0006

If you’re a good princess dog, this is what you do while the tire is being changed.

Return Trip_091811_0010

If you are a good and faithful companion, you guard the road and the spare tire for your master.

Return Trip_091811_0012

And if you are a good wife, you take pictures and stare at your hubby’s bottom.

Return Trip_091811_0006 bottom

Ooh la la!

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3 Responses to To Have and To Hold

  1. feast on the cheap September 21, 2011 at 3:00 pm #

    Two flats in one roundtrip? That must be a record

  2. Karen September 23, 2011 at 10:07 pm #

    I love your pictures (you’re too hard on yourself!) Looks like it was a beautiful wedding. What’s with all the flats??

    • Giggles September 26, 2011 at 5:29 pm #


      I’ve always been my own worst critic!