Döner Kebab

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It was while I was living in England that I also discovered the great pub life. I wasn’t drinking wine at the pubs, I knew better than that; I was more of a hard cider girl at the pubs. My friends and I would sometimes do a pub crawl, which is exactly like it sounds. Going from pub to pub, drinking at each one, well, until you were crawling to each one rather than staggering. We would play darts, which I would get better and better at as I drank…”180 baby!” sorry, I was channeling my British announcer (180 is a perfect throw)….read more>>>

First my apologies, this was supposed to post on Friday.  I scheduled it but forgot to click on “publish”.  Please show some bloggy love, I’d like to invite all of you to visit Jane at The Heritage Cook, she’s one of my SRC sister’s and when she needed a guest blogger I was eager to jump in and help.  What’s so great about Jane’s blog is that every Monday she posts about chocolate and every Friday is Festive Friday and Wednesday’s are for Wine.  My guest post is for a döner kebab, a Turkish dish very similar to a Gyros.  Please stop in and check it out.

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