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Dill Pickle and Horseradish Potato Salad

At home we just call this “Jen’s Potato Salad”.  Jen is my bestie, next to McGyver she is my soulmate.  How lucky I feel to have a friend that I can share, unabashedly everything. Besides being a great confidant, she’s a pretty awesome cook too. When we were stationed together in Germany she made her […]

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Smokin’ Thighs

Seriously how good does that look?  Smoked turkey thighs with crispy skin and BBQ sauce.  I swear I could eat my screen! If you want a perfect recipe for smoking turkey that are moist and have a crispy skin, you’ll need to head over to Pig of the Month where I posted my previously top […]

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Let’s Get Messy!

You know, sometimes you just don’t feel like cooking and sometimes you don’t feel like going out either.  Like after a long and very hot day of looking at Hay and snapping pictures.  It happens to some more than others, even me.  I adore cooking and I adore grilling but I adore an easy night […]

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A Cowboy Grill and a Brisket

Rustic living means rustic entertaining.  Our cabin has finally been finished off enough to be comfortable and McGyver, the Baby boy and I worked hard to get the outside area cleaned up. Our motivation to clean-up?  I had invited our year-round neighbors over for dinner.  If you remember my last post, my spit chicken the […]

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BBQ Bacon Stuffed Meatloaf

Meatloaf can be boring and mundane unless you are a Rockstar named Meatloaf.  Some of us grew up eating meatloaf or “meat surprise” as we called in grade school.  A slice of some kind of meat topped with ketchup served on a tray with instant mashed potatoes and green beans.  The only thing that could […]

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