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Hearty Spring Pasta ©Rhonda Adkins www.thekitchenwitchblog.com

Hearty Spring Pasta

  I’ve decided that Mother Nature is either a manic depressive or severely PMSing during the spring.  She’s definitely a moody one, especially in Montana.  Maybe it’s because she loves us so much that it incurs this severe differences in our days (you know the saying, you hurt the ones you love the most).  For […]

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Guiness Irish Lamb Stew ©Rhonda Adkins-1

Guinness Irish Lamb Stew

I’m not Irish but both of my kids have Irish blood running through them which I figured that means I’m Irish by proxy.  Even if I’m not Irish, I have red hair (thanks to a box), freckles and hazel eyes. I certainly could tell someone that I had an Irish heritage and they would believe […]

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Daring Cooks Challenge a Medley of Ingredients!

Our Daring Cooks challenge this month was more like a scene from “Chopped”, contestants,  open your baskets. In basket 1 you have Parsnips, Eggplant, and Cauliflower In basket 2 you have Balsamic Vinegar, Goat cheese and chipotle peppers In basket 3 you have maple syrup, instant coffee, and bananas The challenge was to pick one […]

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Smoked Turkey Noodle Soup

I love photo props.  Some of you other bloggers apply the KISS principle (keep it simple stupid), but me, I can’t help myself, I keep finding adorable little things.  I really love vintage things (including McGyver).  My children will attest to my love for vintage items, I think I spent a good portion of all […]

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Chinese 5-spice Egg Rolls

Ever since I made {Family Fresh Cooking’s} Chinese 5-Spice Harvest Chili for Secret Recipe Club, I’ve been craving the 5-spice.  It’s one the few spice mixes that I have in my cabinet because I mostly prefer to make my own (pumpkin pie spice is another one I purchase). I made the Harvest Chili with ground […]

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Tunisian Couscous

I mentioned during this post that I was lucky enough to deploy to Tunisia while I was in the Air Force.  It was a joint Medical operations.  We flew down from RAF Lakenheath, UK in the not so comfortable jump seats in the back of a cargo plane. Our mission: To share/exchange some of our […]

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