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Orange Chicken

I really wish that I could share a taste of the food that I post about it; a taste replaces a thousand words. Sometimes I struggle trying to articulate how incredible a recipe is. I find myself consistently falling back on yummy, delicious, tasty, awesome, etc. Sometimes I get so desperate that I make up […]

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Chicken and Kale Chili–Secret Recipe Club Reveal

I am so excited for this month’s Secret Recipe Club reveal, the first one of 2013!  If you haven’t heard of this great ‘secret santa’ type group, you should check out their site.  Gurl, you wouldn’t believe who’s blog I got this month.  That’s right it was steaknpotatoeskindagurl. Not surprisingly,  the first recipes I sought […]

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Daring Cooks Challenge a Medley of Ingredients!

Our Daring Cooks challenge this month was more like a scene from “Chopped”, contestants,  open your baskets. In basket 1 you have Parsnips, Eggplant, and Cauliflower In basket 2 you have Balsamic Vinegar, Goat cheese and chipotle peppers In basket 3 you have maple syrup, instant coffee, and bananas The challenge was to pick one […]

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Fried chicken drumettes in a sweet chili and orange marmalade sauce

Sweet Chili and Orange Drummettes

Isn’t it amazing how small the chickens are getting these days.  Who thought of ‘Toy’ chickens?  Whoever did, they’re a genius.  Tiny chicken legs are the perfect messy finger food.  Kidding…about the ‘Toy’ chickens, not about the little ‘legs’ being the perfect messy finger food. These little legs are the easier to eat, meatier part […]

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Easy Appetizers at POM

There is so much to do between now and the up coming holidays.  Especially since I hate shopping and put it off to the last moment!  There is also a lot more entertaining going on this time of year (which I love) so I’ve compiled six easy appetizers to stave off starving guests. Brie en […]

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