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Deviled Ham Stuffed Eggs

Just a quick post today!  I’m busy, busy, busy!  I had a deadline moved up 3 months and with a trip to San Francisco coming up this week I’m scrambling!  I’m going to the International Association of Culinary Professionals conference this week and I’m super excited.  I’ll be bringing my camera along and taking oodles […]

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TKW’s Cobb Salad

It seems like everyone has a dish that they judge a restaurant by.  For some it’s hamburgers, or steaks or seafood and in the case of my son-in-law Jodus daughter Leah, it’s the Cobb Salad (evidently my memory is going faster than I thought, my daughter corrected me, she’s the one that judges by it…see […]

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Pierno De Puerco Rellena

Meet the cook, my husband McGyver. One of my goals this year was to “let go”, in other words, get out of the kitchen and let McGyver cook (he knows how too, quite well in fact).  McGyver has been chomping at the bit to make me one his specialty dishes he used to make all […]

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