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Pizza Pi chart

Happy Pi Day

In celebration of Pi day, I wanted to share our favorite Pi, Pizza Pie that is.  Being a savory versus sweet and a geeky versus sporty family plus a food obsessed family, it just seemed appropriate. This little graphic from ThinkGeek was spot on for me, I have never grown out of loving a thin crust […]

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‘Dad’s Pizza Dough’ topped with Goose Prosciutto, Goat Cheese, Brussels Sprout & Roasted Garlic Sauce

             ‘Dad’s pizza dough’ topped with Goose prosciutto, Brussels sprouts, goat cheese and roasted garlic sauce could possibly be the longest recipe title ever.  And I left out the caramelized onions!  This amazing pizza is brought to you by the Secret Recipe Club. Each month members are assigned another blog, the member selects a […]

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Sourdough Pizza and Memorial Day

Imagine being in a foreign country and not for friendly reasons.  You’re there because you stepped up and joined the services.  The services…Army, Air Force, Marines, Navy, Coast Guard, the services…to serve.  Many people have served this country, they sacrificed me time, family time, friends time and sometimes sacrificed everything, never able to return home […]

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Mini Pizzatizers

It’s pizza two ways, made for picking up with your fingers.  Perfect for a family pizza night or the big game, or  when a bunch of teenagers are coming over to play video games all night and they don’t want to stop playing.  It just doesn’t get better than popping a little pizzatizer in your […]

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