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Turkey Crisp

Leftovers are rarely an issue in this house, not because we eat gobble everything down, we have no problems eating leftovers.  However on big meal days, like Thanksgiving (or when I seem to have no sense of “there’s only two of us”) leftovers can eventually become a put off.  You just loose your taste for […]

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Roasted Celery and Fennel Soup www.thekitchenwitchblog.com

Roasted Celery and Fennel Soup

I have an enemy. I used to think it was just one sided, I hated them. But that can’t be true because of the way they torture me, surely if you love someone you wouldn’t stress them out! I know it’s unhealthy to have an enemy but I am finding it difficult to forgive this […]

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Guiness Irish Lamb Stew ©Rhonda Adkins-1

Guinness Irish Lamb Stew

I’m not Irish but both of my kids have Irish blood running through them which I figured that means I’m Irish by proxy.  Even if I’m not Irish, I have red hair (thanks to a box), freckles and hazel eyes. I certainly could tell someone that I had an Irish heritage and they would believe […]

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Loaded Potato Skins

Yesterday I posted homemade gnocchi, the incredibly pillow like gnocchi that melts in your mouth and forces you to over eat because you can’t stop yourself but somehow you can’t seem to make your self feel guilty abut it because it’s so good gnocchi.  There is also a bonus, a bi-product of making the gnocchi […]

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