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Guiness Irish Lamb Stew ©Rhonda Adkins-1

Guinness Irish Lamb Stew

I’m not Irish but both of my kids have Irish blood running through them which I figured that means I’m Irish by proxy.  Even if I’m not Irish, I have red hair (thanks to a box), freckles and hazel eyes. I certainly could tell someone that I had an Irish heritage and they would believe […]

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‘Dad’s Pizza Dough’ topped with Goose Prosciutto, Goat Cheese, Brussels Sprout & Roasted Garlic Sauce

             ‘Dad’s pizza dough’ topped with Goose prosciutto, Brussels sprouts, goat cheese and roasted garlic sauce could possibly be the longest recipe title ever.  And I left out the caramelized onions!  This amazing pizza is brought to you by the Secret Recipe Club. Each month members are assigned another blog, the member selects a […]

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Deconstructed Pesto Insalata Caprese

Say what?  Are my eyes really seeing what they see?  Does that sign say ‘Heirloom Tomatoes’?  It’s the middle of winter…must be a mistake.  But they look like heirloom tomatoes.  They have variegated colors and bumpy exteriors, they must be heirlooms. Imported from Mexico….ahhh, that’s right, not every place in the world right now has […]

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Pistachio Semifreddo – two ways

Here I go again, non-main line posting.  This time of year food blogs and sites, newspapers and magazines are filling their pages with healthier recipes.  Who doesn’t want to lose weight?  And the New Year is the perfect opportunity to reset, especially with all the holiday treats consumed, given away or ditched. And I’m posting […]

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Candied Orange Olive Oil Cake

Today is the close of 2012 and with the New Year all the hopes and wishes of doing things a wee bit better than the previous year. Today, no reflective post, no top 10 of 2012 anything.  Just wishing you all the bestest and sharing a crazy sweet lil’ post for you. Crazy good, crazy, […]

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TKW’s Cobb Salad

It seems like everyone has a dish that they judge a restaurant by.  For some it’s hamburgers, or steaks or seafood and in the case of my son-in-law Jodus daughter Leah, it’s the Cobb Salad (evidently my memory is going faster than I thought, my daughter corrected me, she’s the one that judges by it…see […]

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