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UniqCitrusSalad (Gold Nugget, Mandarin, Orange, Ugli, Tangelo, Suma, tangerine) ©Rhonda Adkins

Uniq Citrus and Cucumber Salad

Have you ever heard the term “so ugly, it’s cute”?  Typically this refers to animals and babies, not to food.  And it shouldn’t.  Actually I’ve never seen anything so ugly that it became cute.  Cats with no hair…ugly! Smashed up face dogs with ubers of wrinkles…ugly.  Your newborn baby…sorry moms…ugly (but not forever of course).  […]

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Deer Liver Paté

I wonder how many people won’t read this post today because the title has Deer and Liver in it?  There are many people who don’t care for wild game and plenty who haven’t even tried it.  However, the deer liver is easily substituted for chicken livers, so if you haven’t browsed away yet… For those […]

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