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Spaghetti alla Carbonara ©RhondaAdkinsPhotography

Spaghetti alla Carbonara

This never happens, ever. I got my Secret Recipe Club assignment this month and within 30 seconds I had a recipe picked out. I was assigned Kate’s Kitchen, as I scrolled down her page I saw this egg yolk nested in spaghetti and the word guanciale jumped out at me. Done. That’s it. That’s […]

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Maryland Fried Chicken ©RhondaAdkinsPhotography

Maryland Fried Chicken

I’ve had some cooking nemesis in my day, you know the dishes that you just can’t seem to get right? For many years I struggles with making a good flour based gravy, it is simple to make but I just was trying too hard and would come out with lumpy flour-y gravy. Yet I could […]

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all-purpose steak seasoning ©Rhonda Adkins Photography 2013

all-purpose Steak Seasoning

Do you buy pre-made spice mixes or do you like creating your own? I used to be a big fan of spice mixes, Johnny’s seasoning salt, Lemon-Pepper, pumpkin pie spice, Italian seasoning, etc. The broader my culinary skills grew the bigger my spice cabinet got and before I knew it I had every spice and […]

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Chana (Chole)©Rhonda Adkins Photography 2013

Chana (Chole) Masala

This past week was spent at the cabin; hunting season (rifle) has started here in Montana. I’m no huntress; I’d rather be Martha Stewart of the Mountains than go out and sit in the cold or tramp through the woods. But McGyver loves hunting, he loves to take his wife hunting, he loves to buy […]

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OrangeChicken 2013

Orange Chicken

I really wish that I could share a taste of the food that I post about it; a taste replaces a thousand words. Sometimes I struggle trying to articulate how incredible a recipe is. I find myself consistently falling back on yummy, delicious, tasty, awesome, etc. Sometimes I get so desperate that I make up […]

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