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Kuhn Rikon Kochblume Spill Stopper {Product Review}

It’s very rarely that I do a product review. Mostly I have a love hate relationship with kitchen products, gadgets and gewgaws (yes that’s how you really spell “gee-gaws” and yes it really is a word…thanks spell check and Dictionary online for clearing that up for me). New kitchen items are so exciting, there’s this […]

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Orange and Tart Cherry Baklava www.thekitchenwitchblog.com ©RhondaAdkinsPhotography

Petite Orange and Tart Cherry Baklava

Last week I mentioned that I had been craving Greek food like a mad dog. It was a powerful and all-consuming craving that had to be satisfied. I gave into my craving when I got my SRC assignment and made some fabulous chicken gyros (ones that I am already craving again…). I seriously wanted Greek […]

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Avocado and egg salad sandwich www.thekitchenwitchblog.com ©Rhonda Adkins Photography 2014

Avocado and Egg Salad Sandwich

Did everyone remember to spring ahead?  I certainly did not which only makes springing forward that much more difficult to adjust to.  Falling back is easy, nothing like feeling like you have a bonus hour.  Springing ahead, what?  I already don’t have enough time in the day and now I’ve lost an hour?  For the […]

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Organic Coconut Ginger Lime Body Scrub ©RhondaAdkinsPhotography 2013

DIY: Organic 3-Ingredient Coconut Sugar Body Scrub

Two weeks ago I was assigned Mangia! For my Secret Recipe club assignment. I mentioned that a couple of things caught my eye. One in particular was Chelsy’s 3-Ingredient Coconut Body Scrub. I didn’t make it because I didn’t have coconut sugar and, well, it really isn’t a food recipe (even though it’s completely edible). […]

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