I am a fortunate person.  I work with many talented people.  We may be a plasma donation center but the people who work there have talents that you wouldn’t expect to find.  For example we have great cooks (besides me…), one of our staffers, even made it to the Pillsbury cook-off!  We have people that quilt, that are amazing at scrap booking, singers, painters, ranchers, athletes, musicians (and a member of the Great Falls Symphony, thank you very much….that’s not me), hunters, jewelry designers, and the list goes on.

It simply amazes me how diverse and complex people are.  Not one to let talents get wasted, I tapped into my available resourses and had a very talented artist draw up some logos for my site.  Svetlana Pinocci is originally from Russia, but fell in love with an American, so she left to come live in the US and raise a family.  She works as our playroom attendant, this is where she shares her talent with children.  She draws just for fun, she’s never accepted a penny for the work she’s done, she does it just for pleasure.  And let me tell you, it is a pleasure to have her create.

Svetlana would take take money so I’ve showered her with gifts.  Okay not showered, just brought her some of my tiramisu and a pretty stained glass box filled with huckleberry fudge.  You know how it is, it would be rude to refuse a gift.  I’m so sneaky, not really, she totally knew what I was up to.  Just as I expected, she accepted graciously anyways.

Now if I’d just stop rambling I could show you her beautiful work!

What I wanted, obviously a witch, but not a scary ugly ol’ witch, but a hot sexy red headed witch (this is the wanna-be part for me). I asked  Sveltlana to represent the fact that I’m a cook, that I love a bit of glam and deep down inside I’m a biker w(b)itch too.  That’s what she had to go with and this is what she came up with.  I am always in awe of truly talented people. 

I’ve picked one to be my main logo, but I’d love to hear from anyone on which one you like.  What’s your opinion?

Now, if I could only figure out how to put it on my site as a logo….does anyone have a clue how to do that kind of stuff?

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