Two’fer Tuesday

What’s Two‘fer Tuesday?  It’s a way to get to know me a little better.  I’ll answer 1 question with two answers…get it?  Two ‘fer…okay, never mind.

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When I was started Junior High School (7th grade to be exact), the girls used to pass around notebooks with a question on top of each page, asking things like: “what’s your favorite color?”, “who are you in love with?”.  Very important information for preteen girls to share.  That was before the internet and social sharing (and now sometimes over sharing).  It was so much fun to read bits and pieces about your classmates (I mean girl friends…boys never participated).

Why was it so much fun?  It was a way to get to know one another.  Back in those days if you had the same teen idol (read: Shawn Cassidy and Leif Garrett) and loved the same band you were instantly BFFs (best friends forever, in case your out of touch with the texting lingo).  Bloggers are inherently sharers.   If you blog, you have something to share whether it be technical, political, foodie, family, etc.  Bloggers blog to share.  Most of the time the sharing doesn’t really tell much about the person.

So, I’m reaching back in time, grabbing my notebook of questions and doing a little bit of sharing the old fashioned way (in no sense of order) and sharing it the new fangled way, over the internet.

  1. What is your two favorite foods?
    • Cheese and bacon.
  2. What two foods do you hate the most?
    • Lima beans and lima beans (I know their the same, I just hate them that much)
  3. What are your two favorite movies?
    • When Harry met Sally and, hmmm I don’t know.
  4. What are your two favorite books?
    • Gone with the Wind and, again stumped.  Who made up these questions anyways?
  5. What are your two favorite colors?
    • Orange and blue.
  6. What are your two favorite animals?
    • Becca and Summer (ok, so they’re both dogs but they’re my two favorites!)
  7. What are two things that few people know about you?
    • I was born with out wisdom teeth (that explains a lot) and I’ve had cancer.
  8. If you could do any two things what would it be?
    • Travel and eat my way around the world.
  9. Where are two of your favorite places?
    • Our cabin and Sarlat-la-Canéda, France.
  10. What are the two weirdest things you’ve ever eaten?
    • A candy coated scorpion and a deep fried cricket (both tasted great).
  11. What are the two most unusual things in your kitchen?
    • A cookie jar shaped like a V-twin engine and a black rubber thing on my window sill that I have no idea what it goes to.
  12. What are the two most used utensils in your kitchen?
    • Wooden spoon and a flexible spatula.
  13. Outside of cooking, what are your two favorite hobbies?
    • Riding my Harley and making jewelry.
  14. What are the two worst things that have ever happened to you?
    • Unsuccessful marriages (x2) and drug addiction…just kidding, probably losing my job.  Really I’ve never been addicted to drugs, sheesh.
  15. What are the two best things that have ever happened to you?
    • My kids and my husband.
  16. What two types of music do you enjoy the most?
    1. Classic rock (it’s my age, I can’t help it) and Country.
  17. What are the two things you’d choose to do for a special night out?
    1. Go to a wine tasting and a musical.
  18. What two things would you choose to do for a fun night out?
    • Go for a ride on the Harleys then hang out at a bar and drink beer/play darts with a bunch of people I don’t know.
  19. If you only had one day left on earth, what two things would you do?
    • Call my family and friends to tell them I love them and pray (I need a whole lot of forgiveness if I’m going to heaven)
  20. If you could change two things in your life, what would it be?
    • Lose weight and get in shape…isn’t that on everyone’s list?
  21. What are two things you wish you could cook/make?
    • Sausage links and I wish I was a better more patient baker.
  22. If you could have any two things, what would they be?
    • A healthy family and a house keeper (seriously I hate house work but I love a clean house).
  23. What are two current challenges you are facing now?
    • Mastering photography and getting myself on a schedule.
  24. What the two smartest things you’ve done?
    • My Air Force career and finishing my college education.
  25. What are your two best characteristics?
    • I’m friendly and outgoing.
  26. What are your two worst characteristics?
    • I’m a procrastinator (I should be doing house work right now) and I’m a bad money manager.

Disclaimer: this is not intended to be a chain, you don’t have to copy and paste the questions into your blog and answer them (you can if you like…), you will not have bad luck if you don’t and you will not suddenly get $10 in your bank account if you do.


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