Fried Andouille Sausage Po’boy

Fried Andouille Po'boy ©RhondaAdkinsPhotography

This is possibly the best Po’boy in the world…but before that, a little rant.

I’m losing my mind or someone is playing ‘Gaslight‘ on me. A few month’s ago I lost my kick ass, high dollar SD card for my camera. I swear!  I am super religious about taking my card out, putting it in the card reader, leaving my camera ‘door’ open so I won’t forget and then return my card when I’m done importing and closing my camera door.  I do this every time.

Then one day it was gone, card reader empty, camera empty…say what?  I had photos on that thing.  After tearing up the house I gave up, wrote off my few pics that I hadn’t imported and drug out my old crappy, small memory SD cards.  First two didn’t work with my camera and finally the last one was a okay. Whew, I could motor on for now.  That tiny memory card filled up fast and spilled over to my CF card (the Nikon D800 has two kinds of card slots and I set mine up that if my SD got full the photos would go onto the CF card).

Okay fine, I’ll just import from my CF card and press on, only my computer suddenly doesn’t recognize the card…it says, sorry no photos. WHAAAAT? Check the camera, they are there.  Grrrr. Try the laptop, same thing.  Try camera to computer (no card reader), still not recognized oh and would you like to reformat your card and erase everything on there?  NOOOOO.

I break down and buy myself another high dollar, super fast, even bigger SD card. I pop it into my camera, format it and start shooting away.  Dulce de Leche cheese cake was the subject.  At the cabin I wrote up my post then got home popped my new high dollar, super fast, even bigger SD card into the card reader and I get a message there are ‘no photos’ WHAAAAAT?

Razzle frazzle, fricken camera, mumble, mumble.

I walked away, I had to before I destroyed an expensive camera and computer.

So nothing to post today except my Pig of the Month post that I shot last month using my old crappy SD card.

As I was walking into my office to post, I look down at the top of one of my prop shelves and what do my wandering eyes see?  Just laying there on top of the shelves, in the wide open…my first kick ass, high dollar SD card for my camera.  I cry ‘Gaslight, Gaslight’, it has to be some trick. No.way.would.I.have.missed.that. No.way!

I plug that card into my card reader, and bloop everything works fine.

I’m still working on trying to figure out the issue with my other cards, still trying to figure out if I am really that blind (no one in the family claims any knowledge of leaving the card there…).

In the mean time I hope you head over to Pig of the Month for the Po’boy recipe…seriously it may be one of the best sandwiches I have ever made.

Fried Andouille Po’boy

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2 Responses to Fried Andouille Sausage Po’boy

  1. Debra June 2, 2014 at 6:16 pm #

    So, i fell in love with all things fried that goes on a Po Boy when i was in NOLA. I have to say that your recommendation that this is the best in the world goes a long way. (Glad you found your elusive card. Had to look up Gaslight. Tee Hee.)

    • Giggles June 8, 2014 at 6:29 am #

      Deb. all things fried are pretty good but even better on a Po’boy! One of my local reader’s just made this and agreed. I’m sure you had to look up Gaslight because you are waaaay to young to know what it was!