Chorizo Spanish Rice

Chorizo Spanish Rice ©RhondaAdkinsPhotography

Guess what I’m off to this weekend? Ah-yep, goin to the cabin!  Not just me and McGyver but my BFF and her boy.  I’m planning on having some fun and drinking some beer.  Speaking of BFF’s I originally got my fav Spanish Rice recipe from her.  It’s simple and easy and I like that.  I beefed up her recipe for Pig of the Month and added their chorizo sausage, err, should I say I porked up the recipe…uh that sounds way wrong. Anyways this rice is fantastical, it would also be great on tacos, for breakfast with an egg or made into a burrito.

Of course you have to go over to Sauce+Style to get the recipe this Chorizo Spanish Rice.  Obviously this paying job is taking priority over my regular blogging…what’s up with that? I hope you pop over and check it out.

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      Best compliment you can get!