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Icelandic Fish Balls {Fiskibollur}

I know, snigger, snigger she said fish balls.  I don’t think I’ll ever out grow my juvenile sense of humor.  Fish balls-must be a small meal…Icelandic fish balls-must be cold… Okay so I won’t give up my day job.  Evidently having 4 boys and a husband in the family has affected my funny bone. Ball […]

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Reuben Biscuit Bombs©RhondaAdkinsPhotography

Reuben Biscuit Bombs

Did everyone have a great St. Patrick’s Day?  I spent it all alone, well mostly alone, I did have my doggies.  Oh but that deter me, nope not one bit.  You see I love me some Corned Beef and Cabbage. Alone or not I cooked it up and ate it…not all of it of course. […]

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DIY Whipped Body Butter©RhondaAdkinsPhotography2016

{DIY} Whipped Body Butter

I made a goal of trying to blog more, still having a hard time etching out the time.  This girl has a hard time saying no and seems to like to torture herself with the overfull plate. So here I am putting up a post, the first, in well, too long and it’s not even […]

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Deer Liver Paté

I wonder how many people won’t read this post today because the title has Deer and Liver in it?  There are many people who don’t care for wild game and plenty who haven’t even tried it.  However, the deer liver is easily substituted for chicken livers, so if you haven’t browsed away yet… For those […]

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The Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich

Health Alert Warning!  Before proceeding please check your cholesterol, blood pressure, lipids, blood sugar levels or anything else that may be affected by a totally decadent sandwich. Oh, it looks innocent enough, no more then a couple of pieces of French Toast, you’re probably thinking.  But it is so much more.  I thought about calling […]

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Goat Cheese and Prosciutto Crostini

So many of my posts have been about eating up at the cabin, this is surely not the last one either.  For me, I feel constantly challenged to serve interesting food.  It’s so easy to fall into the hamburger/hot dog/cold sandwich/granola bar rut. Typically we are working during the day, painting, chopping wood, even fetching […]

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Roasted Butter Chicken

Only 4 ingredients: Chicken, butter, salt and pepper.  The perfection of this roasted chicken isn’t hours of brining or fantastic, or even exotic ingredients and seasonings, it’s the cooking method and the butter.  Oh my, what the butter does to this chicken.  The butter transforms a regular chicken into a super succulent, super moist meat […]

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