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Chicken and Kale Chili–Secret Recipe Club Reveal

I am so excited for this month’s Secret Recipe Club reveal, the first one of 2013!  If you haven’t heard of this great ‘secret santa’ type group, you should check out their site.  Gurl, you wouldn’t believe who’s blog I got this month.  That’s right it was steaknpotatoeskindagurl. Not surprisingly,  the first recipes I sought […]

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My Seven Links

Seven is such a magical number, it’s the 4th prime number, it is revealed in the Bible and and the Torah as the world’s creation time, in Japanese mythology there are the Seven Lucky gods, in Irish Mythology the number seven is associated with Cúchulainn, and if you are lucky enough to be the 7th […]

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Basic Bowl of Red

  Over a month ago, when I was teaching my California Roll class, Mark had confessed to me that he didn’t know how to make chili.  I told him perfect, that I had planned on posting my “no” recipe chili that very week.  Me and my big mouth, I should never give a date for […]

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