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Champagne Sunrise

I love Sunday mornings, lazy, sleep in and stay in your pajamas Sunday mornings.  Which is probably why I love Sunday brunch, I never get up early enough to have Sunday breakfast!  Normally I don’t have cocktails on a Sunday morning, not that I think there is anything wrong with it, but I prefer my […]

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Steak with Grilled Jalapeno and Pineapple

It’s 4:oo am and I smell a camp fire, but then I hear sirens….close sirens……….really close sirens……… I  drag myself out of be and look out my bedroom window and I see smoke billowing out from behind our garage.  I grab my hoody, my camera, leave the dog inside and putter out to see, with […]

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Cuba Libre

Thanks Angie for requesting this one, it gave me an excuse to have one on a Sunday Night.  Not that I need an excuse, but it helps me rationalize.  This is my all time favorite cocktail, it’s simple but sounds exotic.  McGyver turned me onto this when we started dating.  Of course he had no […]

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