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Turkey Crisp

Leftovers are rarely an issue in this house, not because we eat gobble everything down, we have no problems eating leftovers.  However on big meal days, like Thanksgiving (or when I seem to have no sense of “there’s only two of us”) leftovers can eventually become a put off.  You just loose your taste for […]

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Chicken (or Turkey) Noodle and Corn Casserole

You might as well go get my crown and schedule my coronation now.  I have just become the casserole queen!  This casserole was so good that I could have my own network show based on this casserole alone!  Seriously. The most important criteria for a casserole is comfort.  What speaks better to comfort than chicken […]

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Turkey Cranberry Cream Cheese Sandwich

This sandwich recipe is not my own.  In the early part of 1997, I was a single, unwed, unemployed mother.  I was trying to get work, even though I loved being home with my daughter Leah, I wanted to get off public assistance as soon as possible. I was brought up that people need to […]

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Orange Essence Brined Turkey

Holy cannoli!  Thanksgiving is less than a week away!  Have you bought your turkey yet?  If you are purchasing a frozen turkey (the most economical kind) then you better get on it.   Turkeys take several days in the refrigerator to defrost.  If you are planning on brining the bird then you need to move up […]

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Smokin’ Thighs

Seriously how good does that look?  Smoked turkey thighs with crispy skin and BBQ sauce.  I swear I could eat my screen! If you want a perfect recipe for smoking turkey that are moist and have a crispy skin, you’ll need to head over to Pig of the Month where I posted my previously top […]

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Chinese 5-spice Egg Rolls

Ever since I made {Family Fresh Cooking’s} Chinese 5-Spice Harvest Chili for Secret Recipe Club, I’ve been craving the 5-spice.  It’s one the few spice mixes that I have in my cabinet because I mostly prefer to make my own (pumpkin pie spice is another one I purchase). I made the Harvest Chili with ground […]

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