Hi!  I ‘m Rhonda a.k.a. Giggles, a middle-aged blogger, culinarian, photographer and avid motorcycle rider.  I started my life as a Navy brat which probably put the travel bug in me, settled in Washington State for awhile and then spent the next 22 years of my life in the Air Force as a spit sucker (read: dental assistant).  After “retiring” I moved to Great Falls, Montana, “The Last Great Place on Earth” Next to having my children, the most significant time in my life was being stationed in Germany where I met and married McGyver and traveled Europe on a Harley.   Met the best people in the world and ate and drank my way through every place I could possibly go!

We’re a blended, complex American family.  Between McGyver and I, we have six children that range in ages of 19 through 32.  We are part time empty nesters, Yeah, Boo…I’m not sure which. We also have three grandchildren (and one on the way).  Our home wouldn’t be complete without one very exuberant lab, Sadie dog, and one quirky OCD English Setter, Summer dog.

I started blogging because one of our children, Leah (my oldest), had her own website (Leftovers for Lunch).  She inspired me and got me hooked on blogging and reading blogs. I’ve always meant to put pen to paper, errr, I mean fingers to keyboard and record my recipes.  Blogging was the perfect way for me to record my recipes (and ramblings) so that all my children and anyone else who might be interested could have access from anywhere.  I ’m not a baker, but I bake (the world demands sweets!), I cook mostly simple comfort foods wit bold flavors with an occasional endeavor into the complex and exotic.

This past year I completed Master Gardener courses (level 1, 2 and 3) and started a community garden (as part of River City Harvest) on the nearby Air Force base.  We have 42 (300 sq ft) plots.  Being a gardener hasn’t definitely had an influence on my cooking.

What you can expect from me….

I am who I am, I am not politically correct, if you don’t like what or how I say things, read someone else’s blog, I am not snarky, I try to be considerate.  I have the proverbial champagne taste and beer budget.  I’m not trying to be something I’m not, I’m very happy with the beer, but given the opportunity (read: cheap or free) I’ll be happy to take the champagne! I still love Velveeta cheese, Miller Lite, boxed wine, cheap costume jewelry and many other tacky things.  On the flip side I enjoy truffles, foie gras, veal, seafood and other expensive and sometimes exotic ingredients.  I live in Great Falls, Montana, and yes, it’s the 3rd largest city in Montana, but it’s still Montana.  Resources are limited, I do the best I can.  I love to ride my 1998 Harley Davidson Super Glide, I ride as often as I can and I’ll be journaling my rides for those of you interested.   I’m a poor writer (in the technical sense), as a matter of fact, I can guarantee some poor grammar and misspellings, especially if it’s something that spell/grammar check won’t catch.  I right write like I ramble talk. You will see that I have a sense of humor, sometimes self deprecating and sometimes just out right rude and sick!  If it’s not for you, I’m okay with that.  Sometimes I’m the only one that thinks I’m funny, just ask McGyver and my friends.

My Gear

As a professional photographer I have collected masses of equipment but my go tos are:

  • Nikon D800
  • Macro lens (105 mm)
  • 50 mm lens
  • Manfrotto tripod with a Kirk ball head
  • Vello remote trigger
  • White poster boards (reflectors)
  • Sheer curtain (diffuser)
  • Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop
  • Passport color checker

I use only natural light and tether my camera to my computer, which is really the only techy thing I do.  My food is all natural and styled by moi (I do use acrylic ice cubes though…my only sin…food photography sin that is).

I started with a Nikon 5000 and still love it, I’ve also taken great shots with my iPhone, after all it’s not the camera that makes the photograph, it’s the photographer.

TKW Site

Wonder how I choose this name?  It all started way back in June 2003, when my hubby and I became husband and wife.  We were married in Germany and our first day back from our honeymoon (a 10 day trip through 11 countries on a Harley)…me the cook, burnt our would be first, home cooked meal as husband and wife.  In addition to that, dear sweet hubby flooded the bathroom of our flat.  McGyver said it was all his fault because he didn’t get me a Kitchen Witch.

A kitchen witch, sometimes called a cottage witch or a “Scandinavian” kitchen witch doll, is a poppet or homemade doll resembling a stereotypical witch or crone displayed in residential kitchens as a means to provide good luck and ward off bad spirits.


There is some debate over the exact country where the kitchen witch originated, some claiming Norway and others Germany, but consensus points to it stemming from older European customs.

The poppet is supposed to depict a “good” witch who inspires productivity and safety in a kitchen, but also counteracts any ill-will directed to the home.It is considered good luck to give a kitchen witch to a friend or family member. So that those unfamiliar with the kitchen witch can understand its meaning, sometimes a note will be hung around the witch’s neck stating something similar to:

The Legendary Secret of Goof-Proof Cooking: The Famous Kitchen Witch

For centuries, Norwegians have hung this good witch in their kitchen. They believe she has the power to keep roasts from burning, pots from boiling over, and sauces from spilling.

In England

Although largely unknown in modern England, the Kitchen Witch may have been known in England in Tudor times. The will of a John Crudgington, of Newton, Worfield, Shropshire, dated 1599, includes amongst his household possessions “one witche in the kytchyn”. (Source)

However,the name of my blog would probably be more appropriate if it was The Kitchen Bitch…..

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog, and I love getting comments!