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Southwestern Pizza Dip

I’m an insomniac. I’ve had trouble sleeping through the night off and on for the last six years.  I fall asleep okay, as long as I drift off before Mr. Snoresalot.  I wake up between 2:00 am and 4:00 am several nights a week.  I wake up with a dog right where my feet should […]

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Italian Guacamole

  I really didn’t know what to call this concoction.  It was born out of a craving for a BLT, only there wasn’t any ‘L’ in my house for a BLT.  Okay, so I’ll have a BAT, no not a blood alcohol test (I’d probably fail that one).  I mean  Bacon, Avocado, Tomato. Are you […]

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Garam Masala & Preserved Lemon Hummus

I got an email from Erin over at Big Fat Baker that announced the next holiday for the Holiday Recipe Club was going to be Buddha’s Birthday.  Whoa, you say….Buddha’s birthday?  That’s right, It just so happens that the Holiday Recipe Club is spreading it’s wings and going international, baby.  Which suits this blogger just […]

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Green Onion and Dill Dip

Summertime (or near summertime if you live in Montana), makes me naturally want to eat lighter.  I’m a big veggie lover, more veg than fruit please!  However, my vegetable drawer has been known to have many a vegetable lay in waste…wanted but forgotten.  That’s where the guilt comes in, the truth is that my veg […]

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Grandpa HoHo’s Shrimp Dip

If you remember my post on The Saltine Cracker Elevated   I promised I would get the recipe refined for my father-in-law’s Shrimp Dip.   McGyver was the official taste tester, after all who would know his dad’s recipe better?   See we only had a list of the ingredients and not the quantity.  McGyver had a general idea […]

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Pure simple unadulterated guacamole.  I’ve read many guacamole recipes that call for a variety of ingredients such as garlic, tomato, onion and jalapenos.  But the truth is, I love, love, love avocados.  So much so that I don’t want to have my guacamole covered up by any flavors.  Just salt to enhance the flavor and some […]

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